Big Doin's

Like many people, I enjoy making lists. Perhaps enjoy is not the right word. I make lists, that much I can say for sure. Creating a blog has been on there for less than a week. It's good when I can get to something in less than a week because I am a busy girl.

Currently on the list:
  • update myspace bio
  • finish promo list
  • figure out cd packaging
  • do I have enough buttons?
  • dishtowels - learn how to screenprint
  • make flyers
  • practice/make set list
  • book an East Bay e.p. release party
The e.p.: You see, I've spent the last two years of my life recording an album and finally realized that a full album just wasn't in the cards. Recording has taken place in my apartment (or flat as I call it when I'm feeling fancy, which is often) in bits and pieces. I'm not sure if I know what I'm doing or if what I did was done the right way.

But it's done: So, I'm happy that it's done and it's exciting to have a release out soon. An exact release date is still forthcoming but when you're as far off the radar as I am, does it really matter? Hell yeah, it does. More information to follow. Ending transmission for now.