Wednesday April 21st, My Party People

What are you doing next Wednesday? You know you don't have plans. I know you don't have plans. Come to my show. The Matinees and The Better Maker will be playing. The Better Maker even made this flyer just for the show?

Why don't you come? Oh, you have work the next day? Psh, I'm on at 9:00. You'll be in bed at a decent hour. Oh, you don't have five dollars? Can't help you there, loser. Ok, ok, I'm sorry. That was mean. I'll buy you a beer. No, just one beer. Fine, two beers and a hooker. Come to my show!


New Design Advice

My screens turned out! I love new designs. It came out so crisp too (though you can't quite tell from my blurry pictures... holding still is hard). I'm a real screen printer!


Saturday Chores

I don't mind burning screens so much anymore. Today, I went three for three. One is a new design. One is a new screen for an old design. One is a secret. Tomorrow, I'll test them and really see what's what.



Last week, my wife texted me and said, "Your vice is here." Since I am a complete and total ass, I texted back, "My vice is at home in the liquor cabinet. What you have there is a vise," and so it is! I've really wanted one for a long time so that I can get to carving my ridiculous wooden creations at home. Now it's here. And it's so heavy. And I have only vague ideas on how to install it. Tonight, I'm going to take it out of the box and get to measuring. This is an exciting step for The Heated Design Studio.


Driving Into The City

The latest from my Twelve Songs Project (wherein I give away a song for free once a month for all of 2010) is up and ready for you to download. It's maybe the closest I've come to writing a happy song, written after driving home to San Francisco from Santa Cruz with friends after we'd attended a going away party. This party marked the last of our friends to leave Santa Cruz and it just felt like we were all growing up and stuff. Anyway, check it out below, why don't you?

<a href="http://theheated.bandcamp.com/album/12-songs-project">Driving Into The City by The Heated</a>