Congratulations to EcoChicHandKnit, My Dear Darling and soulflower. You are the winners of a clementine tea towel given to the person you are thankful for. Everyone's comments were equal in my eyes so in the end, I pulled your names from a hat. I mean, how can one judge who does and doesn't deserve a towel? I will be in touch as to where they should be sent.


Giving Thanks

It's about time for another giveaway. Since Thanksgiving is coming up though, it's going to be run a little differently than usual. Up for grabs are 3 Clementine Dishtowels printed on unbleached cotton towels. To "win" please post a brief comment telling us about someone you feel grateful to have in your life. Rather than sending you the free towel, we'll ship it off to the person who has made your life a little better. Please make sure to give us a way to contact you! We'll post our favorite 3 comments on Thanksgiving day.
By the way, if you think this doesn't sound like Cristina, you're right (it's Jenny).


Sing It Again

Making a video requires a lot of work. That might be why I haven't made a proper one in almost two years now. Sure, I've had my little live videos but it's not the same as a real video with editing and such. My friend Craig, who edits professionally took the helm on this production though so I will not personally be spending the ten hours it takes to whittle three hours of footage into three minutes and thirty seconds of awesome.

The location was amazing: an empty house in Cow Hollow with a view out onto the bay. There were sailboats! Can you imaging waking up in the morning and putting your arm around your spouse as you gaze out to the sea from your bedroom? That's living, people. Anyway, I got to have it for a day except I spent my time there singing the same song about twenty times in a row. Previews below.


The Heated Is Accepting Applications

Here's what up (taken from my craigslist ad). Passing this on to your musically inclined friends would be appreciated.

Dear Musician,
I write songs. I need kick-ass musicians to play these songs with me and help me develop and arrange them for a full band so that we can become popular and make some money off of our efforts. I would love to have some non-standard instruments, especially some brass. No instruments too weird for me to consider including. Of course, a drummer and bass player are needed too. I have been playing as The Heated for a few years now, have a good little following, good contacts with local bands and a few contacts at clubs and local blogs.

Click this link for an application: http://www.theheated.com/application.html
Click this link to listen to The Heated: http://www.theheated.com/mp3s.html

If you have any trouble with those links, please email info@theheated.com for further assistance.
Thank you,