Pegboard Towel Rack

There were a few months this year when we couldn't open our back door because the frame had swollen to such epic proportions that the door didn't fit anymore. While we waited for it to be fixed, we had to "lock" our back door by propping a 2x4 between the door and the wall. Basically, the poor door was a goner and when the rainy season stopped, it got replaced. I had to replace my previous door rack (which was literally a piece of wood with nails hammered into it for hooks) with something wider. I decided to hobble together something out of pegboard to make it more adaptable.

I glued a small piece of MDF to the back of the pegboard. Here it is, clamped and drying.

Here's the finished product. I'd wanted to paint it white to make it a titch less utilitarian (read "ugly") but frankly, I needed to get back to screen printing and didn't have time to wait. This rack is key to my screen printing because it holds my test prints off of the table, keeping everything clean and accessible.

Here's the finished product.

Oh, this? Just one of the first towels I ever printed, hanging out in all its swatch-ed glory.


Punk News Podcast!

I wish I had made a bigger deal about this when it happened because it may be the single coolest thing that's happened to me this year. Punknews.org is a site that covers punk rock bands. Now, I used to be in a punk rock band but haven't tried to claim that cred for The Heated cuz let's face it, The Heated is a bit tamer than that. But the lovely Rich Verducci took a listen (after an exchange we had on twitter over Dr. Dre and Eminem's wholly unsubstantiated, secret love affair), liked what he heard and was kind enough to include me in their weekly podcast, which you can listen to by going here:http://www.punknews.org/article/42427
     I read Punknews every damn day so this is a huge deal for me. Then, when I listened to it, and heard the lovely things Rich had to say about my music, well... it was nothing but pure awesome. Thanks, Punknews! You are the best!


Wild Side West Show Review

It's crazy how my camera running out of batteries brings my blog to a screeching halt. And by "crazy" I mean "stupid". Anyway, I had a show that I told you all about and I wanted to tell you how it went. It went great! The opening band, Tik-Tik Fly, were rad. I already mentioned that their rhythm section is a tap dancer and their songs were lovely too. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of them. Here's what I did get pictures of. Spoiler alert, they're mostly of me.

Me, rocking. You can tell it's for real because I'm a little blurry.

Still rocking. Look at that hand blur! Wow, I play fast like lightning.
Not a bad crowd for a Sunday afternoon.

The P's and Q's! If you get the chance to see them, do it!

The bartender won a tie from this humble abode in the raffle. Pretty suave, eh?

We had fun!

Doesn't it look like she's shooting something out of her finger? Like magic.