Examine This!

My juggernaut of press coverage continues! Behold the lovely things the Los Angeles Gay Culture Examiner had to say about this little lesbian. The truth is that I love showing off my gay side. Consider the following:


The Sky

Lately, the storms in San Francisco have been giving us amazing skies. We don't usually see clouds like this. In between raining, the sky looks this way.


(This crane freaks me out.)

(This last one is from Berkeley, on a different day than the rest)


The World's First?

Actually, Regina and I already know that this is not the world's first mixing/ironing session. It's the second. We had the first one a few weeks ago. This is just how The Heated gets down on a Friday night. Woo hooo!



(My ear itched. On the inside.)


Calling The East Bay

Hey. What are you doing this Saturday?


Miss Popularity

It's been a fine few weeks for The Heated. First off, my wife and I were selected to have a house tour done through Apartment Therapy. It was kind of crazy to come out of the madness that was the holiday season only to be met with the task of finishing all the projects we had been struggling to complete in our home. But now that we're done and there are no big house projects hanging over our heads, I feel relief. The truth is that I am a homebody and if I didn't have to work, I probably wouldn't leave it every day. So it's nice to have it all put together. 

Wildly Popular: I decided to strike while the iron was hot and announced this big news today, picked up by wildly popular local music blog, The Bay Bridged. That's right, The Heated had news featured on a wildly popular local music blog. It feels like all the hard work of the last year is finally paying out in awesome and amazing ways. So far, 2010 is my jam.