Cheap Beer Taste Test

Earlier this year, Uptown Almanac (that's a local blog for people who think Mission Mission got too popular and sold out, man) ran a story about a cheap beer taste test. Clearly, the concept stuck with me and a few weeks ago, I held one of my own. The big winner? Tecate! The bowls on the table have salsa in them. You've got to have a palate cleanser, people.
     I doubt their party had these handy scoring sheets. Then again, I doubt their party had old nerds like me in attendance. Anyway, if you want a copy of the scoring sheet to hold a party of your own, hit me up. I really should edit them to have "meh" as the middle rating and "ewwww" as the lowest rating, which is what Foster's got from all of us. It's Australian for "skunky", mate.


Not El Rio, El Rincon

I'm having this stupid anxiety that because I've been playing at El Rio so much that people will get confused and go there this Friday when really I'm playing at El Rincon. El Rincon was recently shut down for a few nights when a cop got shot in the foot out front (after the club had closed, it is worth noting). So that probably means cheap drink specials? It's on 16th at Harrison. You'll recognize the sign from when you go to that weird little shopping center near Potrero. See?
Anyway, I'm opening (9:00 pm and you know I don't do tardy) and The Better Maker is playing too along with some Portlanders. Those Portlanders know a thing or two about what makes music lovely so get your ass out for what promises to be a somewhat terrifying evening. I'm kidding. No one will get shot. Someone might get shots. Probably not me.


Making. And Rocking.

The 3rd Annual Rock Make Festival is totally on this weekend. I will be there with my tea towels, ready to take the whole damn thing by storm. Hopefully not a literal storm. Anywho, my booth will be along 18th Street. There are going to be beer gardens and a ton of amazing bands. Here is an example of an amazing San Francisco band called Tartufi that also happens to organize the music aspect of this happening*. What they do is insane, both musically and organizationally. 

(*In San Francisco, we call them happenings. I'm kidding. Don't call it that.)


The Middle Of The Night

I played a show last week at the always lovely El Rio. The sound on this recording came out pretty good. The room was quiet. I think I had their attention. Chalk one up for Cristina. Check out how the mural's toe on the wall was about to go up my nose. If you'd like to hear another version, you can go here: http://theheated.bandcamp.com/track/vigilance



I released a new song then forgot to put it on my blog again. Bad blogger, bad. Anyway, here's Ionosphere. The story behind this recording is that it was done in my sister-in-law's tiny camper while on vacation with a group of friends (luckily, my recording engineer was among them) along the coast of Northern California.
<a href="http://theheated.bandcamp.com/album/12-songs-project">Ionosphere by The Heated</a>