Horses Of The Sea

My friend recently went on a "stay-cation" whereby one does not roam too far from home but is not working. She went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and took this picture.

There's something about the color of the water that I loved so I totally stole the concept for my next show flyer. Check it.

On another note, I am going on vacation. Not a stay-cation, but a real one where I'm actually leaving the country so please be aware that I am not ignoring my thriving, riveting online presence but am merely on holiday until July 12th-ish. I'm so excited. I cannot hide it. See you in a couple weeks.


Show review: El Rio last Saturday

Let's just start out by saying that the show went awesome. Really good. It's nice having Gina around because she gets nervous enough for the both of us. I can totally understand why though. The truth is that I have played a lot of shows before. With The Pre-Teens, we played the back room of El Rio at least three times... though the stage used to be along the back wall and there was a bartender where the stage is now... memory lane. Anyway, I've been doing this a long time now. Even before The Pre-Teens, I played solo and before all of that, I was a total band geek., which really does prepare you for performing. Once, the marching band played in the parking lot of KFC. Even as a teenager, I realized that was a shitty venue. You learn quick.

It's nice to open the show because nothing makes me more nervous than waiting for the other bands to finish. "Is this their last song?" you start asking people around you. It could be Cyndi Lauper up on that stage and I'd be all, "God, I wish she'd just stop now so that we can get on before I have to go nervously pee again."

This was clearly the biggest audience The Heated has had so far and was mostly filled with friends, which is just the best, best crowd you can have. I'm pretty sure I snagged a few friends on the mailing list too. Start with your friends, man. There were hoots and hollers and clapping in the breakdowns just like I'd imagined the crowd would do once The Heated's music moved them so. Special thanks to the "Little Helpers", especially my door crew... and then especially the door person who had to cover during our set. It could not have been done without you.

Beatbeat Whisper is just the coolest, nicest, prettiest band that I've played with so far. Please go see them play. One of their band members lost a bag that night. If you have any information regarding where it might be now, holler. I ended up seeing Grand Lake's set from behind and even from the other side of glass patio doors, I could tell they were rocking it in there. They sounded great. The staff at El Rio totally helped everything run smoothly. Everything came together and it was the pinnacle of success for The Heated so far. the one thing that didn't happen? Pictures! Sorry, kids. The one below is all we got.


Finishing Touches

We're as ready as we're gonna get for the show this Thursday (at El Rio, 9:00 pm for reals). We've practiced and practiced and honed our seven little songs. They're shaping up, for sure. I took the liberty of screenprinting some patches then sewing them on to Gina's new homemade cymbal case and stick bag. The stick bag is designed to hook on to the snare drum stand to simulate the bass drum with decal that we don't actually have. I am a complete and total dork.

Little apartment, big ambition:
When you live in an smaller apartment, you have to use all of the space you have. This often means building up. I'll be building up my tea towel inventory in a serious way this month because The Heated is sharing a booth with
ciuccio at the Renegade Fair next month. To accommodate the number of towels I'm printing, I've strung up hooks for clotheslines. Yesterday was the first time I felt like a professional screenprinter with my press and my clotheslines.


Sneak Peek

Gina and I have been working really hard to get it together for next week. This song has given Gina grief from the beginning but I feel confident that we will rock this one next week. Sneak peek of the new The Heated line-up!



The Deli SF has begun featuring the show. Check it out!