Fresh for the internetz

Hey folks. I've been recording demos so that myspace can have some fresh material. I decided to record vocals and guitar at the same time, mostly so that I don't have to use a metronome. That's how I use laziness for innovation. But wait, I took it one step further and decided to also record a video at the same time so I wouldn't have to do that later and the sound would match up perfectly. My laziness is your reward. Please check out the new (and by new I mean to say that I wrote it years ago and am just introducing it now) song, For The Greater Good.

(I'm such a Mac commercial, aren't I? Recording songs to Garage Band, downloading video, splicing it together in iMovie, uploading it to YouTube. )

Also, if you are newer to The Heated, you may not be aware of my video for The Current Or The Undertow? You can find this song on my self-released e.p. The owl stays on my desk. I like keeping him around and asking him questions like, "Owlie, do you think I'm so, so pretty?" and he nods and nods.


Watch this

If you stopped paying attention after two minutes, that's the internet's fault. Enjoy, suckas.


Hand's what's for dinner

My dream journal is still kicking. I thought I'd share one I had a few weeks ago.

Here is the dream:
My right hand has been cloned and I am eating it for dinner. It has been served up on a plate and I am amused by it. I smack this fake hand across my thigh. I am wearing jeans. My wife also has her hand on a plate (the left one as she is left handed) but doesn't seem amused or interested. We were not given knives, only forks so the only part I'm able to eat is the palm. Finally, I am provided with a knife but by that point, I'm over the whole thing and am only able to eat the top joint of my pinkie before I become thoroughly un-appetized.

What does that mean?

Also, my guitar has been fixed and The Heated is about to make a big, happy announcement. Soon. Not today. Curious?


Bribed By Blackberries

We climbed to the top. We watched the sunset.

Do you know Nevada City? It's on the way to Reno. I spend a bit of time there due to some in-law family members and friends residing in this pleasant town. Last time I was there was New Year's Eve at Cooper's bar. There was the most convincing Creedence Clearwater Revival cover band that has ever existed. Hands down the best cover band I've seen in Nevada City (out of the five I've seen). It was freezing cold and no one cared for my fake moustache. Sigh.

This time, I was talked into going by the prospect of going blackberry picking. Now, I'm almost a through and through city girl but I've spent a bit of time on a farm due to the Environmental Studies major and three years of my childhood spent in Ojai on a few acres of avocado trees.

Pickin's were slim this season as it hasn't rained pretty much all year. We finally hit a good patch and Gail and I employed a two-woman system where I would go in deep, braving the brambles and push the branches towards her with my stick. Ingenious. And it's only my second time berry picking. Blackberry crumble was made from the fruits of our labor and it was so good, I had it for breakfast and then for lunch-dessert the next day.

This is off topic but: last night before I fell asleep I was thinking about Pearl Jam's Even Flow video. You know, the one where it's a live performance in a theatre and Mr. Vedder scales the balcony, gets that intensly weird look on his face then drops like a dead man to the waiting arms of the crowd below. Then when I got into my car today to move it for street cleaning, guess which song was on. Is that weird? These things happen to me all the time. A useless intuition, to be sure, but intuition nonetheless.

Show review: El Rio last Tuesday

Ah Tuesday night. Not as worthy as Monday for a drink. Not as close to the weekend as you'd hope. Still, I was in good spirits. I was feeling positive. I went out to Spork for dinner before the show. Spork is so named because the spot used to be a KFC. I can kind of remember when it was still a KFC but it's hard to know seeing as how I have not been in KFC for at least a decade. In fact, there is one less than a block away from the apartment I have lived in for eight years that I have never been inside. Yeah, my money still does the talking.

Anyway, I was a little nervous all throughout dinner but not so nervous that I didn't eat every damn bite of delicious food that came my way. Everything I ate at Spork was tasty. Recomended. But it took a little longer than I'd hoped and in the end I had to throw money down and run. I don't like being tardy.

I needn't have worried. There were some minor sound problems going on so I had extra time to pee every ten minutes, as I do when I'm nervous. I swear, I was there half an hour and peed three times. Finally I was up and I must say, it was one of my better shows. It all just kind of came together and that's nice when that happens. It was a bit of a rough night as most everyone I knew either flaked or was attending Dolly Parton. This hurt, coming from Dolly. If I wasn't at El Rio I definitely would have been at Ms. Parton's show. Now that's a performer. Anyway, I brought four fans, three of whom were engaged in an all night gossip session. I'm not judging, I'm just saying. I maybe made some new fans because, well, that's kind of the point of playing now isn't it?

Truth be told, I need an outgoing, loud friend to get some people paying attention to the fact that yes, you can sign up on an email list and become informed for the future. I know it sounds a little pushy but marketing must be done. I'm not standing up there with a guitar in my hands for my health, unless you mean mental health in which case, that's exactly why I'm standing up there... anyway, what I'm saying is that I got business to attend to and I need an associate. Where are my loud friends at? You know who you are. I'll buy you drinks. Be my bitch.

Anyway, after I played there were two more performers, both of whom had such pretty voices. If you see that they're playing again, don't say no. Say yes, yes, yes to Chantelle Tibbs and Jo Boyer. Whoa, ok, you don't have to be that into it. Geez. Whore.



I've strained my shoulder.
I shouldn't be on a computer.
So, I'll just post these instead.
They don't have to do with anything, really.