Odds and Ends

Disgusting, aren't they?
The other day I came home to these on my kitchen floor: These are not my children but they are very cute.

In case you're interested, I'm what they're looking at.

How I get down: Last night I went to a party and had too many beers. It was good fun and t
otally worth the minor headache today. Thanks designated driver (a.k.a. my straight edge friend). The truth is that I've tried to get friends interested in Neutral Milk Hotel and nobody has taken me up on the offer. But last night, Mickey mentioned that he just got the album and I was able to get some things off my chest about it. Bonus points for an evening of already excellent conversation. I should have brought my camera but maybe later, I'll raid Noodle's Flickr page even though she called me weird for looking at it. Last night, I heard Noodle complaining that nobody looks at her Flickr. But I'm off topic here.

Now do it one hundred times: The cds arrived and the packaging has been figured out. There were a few dicey moments with my printer but overall I'm very pleased with it. Today, I put about one hundred of them together. It's fun to have a lot of them, sitting neatly in a row.

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Jenny RInzler said...

you had better count this as valid. the cds look cool, and i am excited for the big party.