Blatant, uncomfortable hints.

Thoughts. I have them. And I have nothing else to blog about but these little snippets. Consider:

1) The new Neko Case album, Middle Cyclone is so good that I am both impressed and bitterly jealous. Were it so that writing about random happenings outside my immediate frame of reference was what I do... but no. I keep it personal. I've lived a life, people. But her lyrics make the songs what they are and what they are is brilliant. I don't mean to talk shit but I didn't really get Fox Confessor. Or else, I got it and it was just a little too dark. Middle Cyclone is more relationship based and I'm pretty sure one song is about secret, gay love (Vengeance Is Sleeping... anyone care to discuss that with me? Totally, right?) so you know I'm into that.

2) School is going really well, both the furniture making class and the web development (HTML and XHTML) class. The ironing board I'm constructing has legs. Right now would be a good time for me to buy more materials but quite frankly, it's not gonna happen. School may be why I never have enough time to write but it's good to get learned.

3) There is so much going on with The Heated but you will not hear about it here first. My mailing list will hear about it first. That is a blatant, uncomfortable hint. Deal with it. I have been playing a ton lately and there are new songs that of course, are utterly brilliant and display my inner-beauty in a way that makes me glow from within, literally. No, not literally.

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