I went to the doctor

I've asked a friend to sing back-up for me, possibly while swinging a tambourine. He agreed to this proposal so I printed out all the lyrics that I have written down. A lot of these lyrics also had the chords written on there. I believe I did that for the synaesthetic guy who didn't make it to one practice (What color are my songs? I'm dying to know!) but in this case, it worked out. I even put page numbers on it and gave it a table of contents. The table of contents was actually printed on the other side of a page from a sperm donor contract (it's a long story).

My friend came over for practice and I gave him the lyrics booklet. He emailed me the next day to say that the booklet had fallen out of his pocket on the way home. Now I'm picturing the person who finds this booklet, filled with my dramatic lyrics with guitar chords provided, a table of contents printed on a sperm donor contract and what their thoughts must be. Those thoughts might be along the lines of, "damn. Whoever made this is possibly the biggest lesbian ever."
They might have a point.

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