Good idea!

Have I talked about the show coming up on June 11th? First off, The Deli SF is presenting it (big ups to Anna from The Deli for cho-cho-choosing us and to Nicole for keeping the show on as Anna has now moved on to Stranger Dance... things move fast, people) and seeing as how having a promotional sponsor makes things special, I decided to take it one step further and asked my friend Jill (a.k.a. small stump) to design a poster for the show. Can we all agree that it's bad ass? (Is "bad ass" one word or two?) Grand Lake and Beatbeat Whisper are also both bands I would go see, even if I wasn't playing and I hate going to shows (irony). Mostly because I hate people. Anyway, extra-extra-special.


Anna said...

That poster looks awesome! :)

The Heated said...

Yeah! It came out so very good. I owe her dinner.