Show Review: Hotel Utah August 11th

The Hotel Utah show went well in a few ways. Ok, maybe it wasn't our strongest performance, but there was a proper sound system and everyone was there. If you weren't there, you're nobody... or you had something better to do maybe... whatever. Anyway, my point is, the joint was filled with people so I feel that all of my marketing efforts are starting to pay off. When you start getting all your friends out to a show and it feels like a good party, chances are people want to come to that party again. The Heated throws a good party!

You know who else knows how to party, musically speaking? Everyone else that played that night, that's who. The Grownup Noise was on tour from Boston and their members were all quite nice and such great musicians. I had a good conversation with one of them about how our music scenes (San Francisco v. Boston) are quite similar. Competitive but we pretend like they aren't. It seemed as though we both reached the stage in life where one realizes that Together Everyone Achieves More and have started to form small collectives, little groupings of bands we know we can work together with.

Audrey Howard and the Misters killed it. They rock. Not like how you say somebody rocks but really they're poppy or hippie. Like they really rock. The show they put on had such great energy and that violin solo at the end? You know what I'm talking about if you were there. Killer. Then Leilujh took the stage. They're a little dark and really complemented each other, instrumentation and vocal-wise. Man, that woman can sing. Overall, a good night. Damn good night. Oh, and somebody (thank you, Christina) finally took pictures. Check it.

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