The Heated Is Accepting Applications

Here's what up (taken from my craigslist ad). Passing this on to your musically inclined friends would be appreciated.

Dear Musician,
I write songs. I need kick-ass musicians to play these songs with me and help me develop and arrange them for a full band so that we can become popular and make some money off of our efforts. I would love to have some non-standard instruments, especially some brass. No instruments too weird for me to consider including. Of course, a drummer and bass player are needed too. I have been playing as The Heated for a few years now, have a good little following, good contacts with local bands and a few contacts at clubs and local blogs.

Click this link for an application: http://www.theheated.com/application.html
Click this link to listen to The Heated: http://www.theheated.com/mp3s.html

If you have any trouble with those links, please email info@theheated.com for further assistance.
Thank you,


craftYARD posted this said...

ah, come meet me at red vic peace cafe at 7pm tonight. check out my drumming for making dinner (the band). I can also get u in touch w/ my women's music collective for further contacts! good luck!

The Heated said...

Alas, I did not read your comment until after the show was through. Please get in touch via info@theheated.com if you are still interested (or willing to hook me up with your women's music collective... which sounds awesome).