Game Plan 2010

Oh hello friends. It's been a while so you may be wondering what I've been up to since we last spoke. Mostly, I've been ironing. No, really. Ironing. You see, those darn tea towels went off this holiday season and I literally worked on them before and after my regular (read: better paying) job. My wholesale sales expanded drastically. My etsy store was on fire. Plus, I did two craft fairs. One was a small affair in Oakland that was very sweet (plus I cleaned up... money wise). The other was slightly larger. Again, there was monetary success.

I learned quite a bit and while I had a few disastrous print runs, I learned that I can screen print like hell and I'm even starting to enjoy it. Now I need to learn QuickBooks. Which brings me to my New Year's Resolutions.

1) Tighten my professional game. Yes, I can screen print. But can I do basic accounting? Do I have a business plan? No! I don't. But I will

2) Release another album. I've got the songs. Recording them will be the goal.

3) Steal my camera back from my wife so that I can update my blog more often. Seriously, she's had it for years now. And she broke it. Twice! I keep fixing it, hoping that it will make it until we can buy her a new camera.

I haven't really been thinking about a specific theme to call these resolutions. Um, how about Get Professional 2010? Too boring? Ok, ok. How about Get Ace? That's an informal synonym for professional, you know. I like it. Get Ace.

On Another Note (Get it? Musical note?): I tried to put a band together. Lord help me, I tried. I posted ads online and auditioned people. I emailed so very many more people. I tracked down people that didn't leave contact info. And did I get anyone? No. Nope. Not one. Some things came down to chemistry not quite coming to fruition. Other reasons included new jobs in far away locations and just plain flakiness. Us musician are kind of famous for that. For whatever reason, it wasn't the right time and I'm backing off for now. I can rock a stage all by my lonesome, yes I can. So for now, that's how it is.

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LAD said...

i thought the heated the was 2 now? i mean i thought it worked out that second time? man. well, let's say this: you're awesome enough for two.