Pirate Cat Radio

Yesterday, Erica Dreisbach and I got our promotion on over at Pirate Cat Radio. We each played a twenty minute set and got interviewed by Kieran, who DJs the show Torrential Dissonance and was kind enough to book us in the first place. It went so well, which is really nice because I have gotten super-nervous in radio interviews before. Once, I literally forgot my name on-air. I'm so grateful that Pirate Cat exists. Where else can local nobodies such as myself come around to plug their stuff? Anyway, now is not then and I don't mean to brag but we nailed it! Come to our show on Monday at the Rockit Room in the Inner Richmond and witness our awesome!

Podcast of our performances can be found here, about three quarters of the way in: http://podcasts.dreamhosters.com/pcr/TorrentialDissonance2/TorrentialDissonance2-20100605.mp3

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