It Was Wild

That show at Wild Side West was almost the highlight of Pride Weekend but not quite. The highlight of Pride Weekend was the party that happened at my house after the Dyke March. The party happens every year because I live close enough to Dolores Park to walk and everyone needs to pee. I made fried chicken. It was delicious. Other than that and the Wild Side West show, I laid really low this Pride. What can I say? I'm an old lesbian or something. I stayed up until midnight. Party!

The Wild Side West show was really fun though. There's something about playing in the middle of a bar that just can't be matched. The bar was very receptive to both The Heated and Audrey Howard. Audrey pretty much always brings the house down because she plays hard rock guitar like a bad ass. I'm jealous of how hard she rocks. I'm so earnest and dorky and she's just cool. Sigh. Swoon. Anyway... 

 Oh, and wifey made me a tie. I guess I'm pimping her ties lately. Whatever. They make me swoon too.

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