My luck is changing

A few weeks ago, it was a Tuesday morning, I walked outside my front door and as I was closing the gate behind me (yeah, I have those bars over my windows and a front gate... this here's a city with people who like to urinate in public) I noticed this bag of pennies tucked underneath the gate.

I love change... all change: I don't mind pennies. In fact, I have an antique glass water bottle, one of those giant sizes for water dispensers like you've got in the office and I fill it with change. One 16th of that puppy can yield a few hundred bucks. Don't throw those pennies away. That's my savings plan.

p.s. I will be sending this picture to Found Magazine.
p.p.s. There was a letter on Found that changed my life that I can't find again. Please send it to me.

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Rachael said...

What Found letter? What was it like? I have at least one if not two of the Found books.