Show review: El Rio last Tuesday

Allow me to tell you how the first show with The Heated's new drummer Gee went. First off, we showed up around 7:15 pm to unload and there were literally two people in the whole place: the bartender and the opening act (Julie Schurr, she has such a pretty voice). No big deal. It was still early. We got our stuff unloaded and invited Julie out for burritos. Gee and Julie didn't eat much while I plowed through two tacos. A little boy in the taqueria showed me how high he could jump. It was really high.

We got back to El Rio and there were maybe seven people there. Everyone I had invited was taking their sweet time to arrive. It took so much time that I was starting to worry that no one would show up at all. I started to send panicked text messages. Gee's friends were all there and ready to go by 8:00 pm. They're very prompt, that group. My friends? Not so much. But finally, slowly, they trickled in and by the time Gee and I hit the stage, I would estimate there were a good thirty people there (including these four hot German lesbians who kind of looked like they might all get it on with each other. You go, ladies).

As soon as we started playing, it was on, as they say. It was as if we had been playing together for way longer than we actually have been. I would easily attribute this to the fact that Gee has clearly been practicing her ass off, which is appreciated. I've been less on the practicing lately what with my shoulders and the energy I've been expending in the marketing department, plus how I have a full time job and am taking two classes but I've had a bit longer to memorize the songs so I was ok. I will say though that of the two slight flubs, I was accountable for both. Thanks Gee.
My friends are excited and are saying things like, "new beginning", "exciting", "Gee's awesome", and "it's just what you needed". So, you know, that's good.

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lea said...

wow awesome cristina. i wish i could have been there. it sounds like it was a fun show.