Concentrated concentration

My shoulders are still messed up and though the pain has gone from a pinched nerve feeling to merely the sorest, sore muscles I've ever had. My physical therapist has been pushing my back ribs into place and marveling at just how tight my muscles are. She also warned me to fix my posture, which I've been doing. It kills.

As a result, I've been staying away from the cursed computer which gave me the shoulder problems in the first place. At first it was difficult but luckily school started up around the same time so I've had less time to be checking my email/myspace/facebook/news obsessively. Truly, I've realized that I'm getting far more done as a result. It's forced me to really focus and get what I need done on the computer then step away. I've gotten my homework done, put together radio promo packages, written a press release (about the surprise I'm announcing this week) and contacted some clubs about shows (success at the Red Vic). That's all in the last three days. It's good. I think I need to continue on accordingly. Less internet, more working.

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