Near the Sweet Adeline Bakery in Berkeley, is a cool little place called Knit-One-One (3360 Adeline Street, Berkeley CA). I'll let them explain (because it's 9:45 pm and I'm tired): 
knit-one-one is a thoroughly unique, modern center for crafting-know-how. We offer classes for all skill levels, outings to some of the best-kept-crafter’s-secrets in the Bay Area, and events which combine inspiration, fun, and frolic. 
One of the events they hold is a local craft fair the first Saturday of the month. The Heated and ciuccio will be manning a booth this Saturday. It would be great to see you, if you're available. Below is a picture from a previous craft fair because I know you don't actually read the words I write. You skim and then look at pictures. It's fine. I'm no different. That's how I know what you're doing.

You want details? Boom!

Next Sale: Saturday April 3, 10 to 4:00 pm (the day before Easter Sunday)
Where: the knit-one-one studio, 3360 Adeline Street Berkeley, CA, 94703 (near Ashby BART and Sweet Adeline Bakery) Lots of FREE parking

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