House Party

The night after the Underground Farmers Market, Iso Rabbins had asked if I would play at a party they were having the next night in some warehouse in the Mission. Of course I said yes. I had a wedding to go to earlier in the day (which was just the cutest wedding ever!) so I packed all the gear up in the car and went straight from the wedding to the warehouse. There had been some confusion the night before over the address of the warehouse but everyone kept saying, "It's a big, red warehouse with a mural on the side that says 'Fail To Win'." 
     I'm one of those nervous types that researches exactly where things are before I go. Who are you people who just kind of head out in a general direction and expect to arrive with no problems? I need cross streets! So, of course I researched exactly where I was going and realized that I was going to Chicken John's warehouse. To those of you outside of San Francisco this might not ring a bell but for those of you in SF, well, it still might not ring a bell but the man ran for mayor and it was hilarious. He was a lovely host and I'm sick with jealousy over his warehouse space. The show itself was really cool because it was just good people hanging out in a great space, eating good food and generally enjoying each others company. Plus, there was a beer-brewing demonstration.

     The stress of the whole weekend took a bit of a toll though and by Monday morning, my throat was on fire and my sinuses were all blocked up, which was terrible news because I had a show on Wednesday at El Rio. I took it easy and drank a ton of my favorite drink when I'm sick (lemon juice, ginger and honey) and was feeling fine by Wednesday for the show. (to be cont...)

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