Playing To A Crowd Of 2,000

You heard that I played at the Underground Farmers Market, yes? To be honest, the whole thing was overwhelming but ended up being great. First off, the line to get in was crazy long. Of course, I got the skip the line (but then was too nervous to eat) into the SOMArts building and was greeted with wall-to-wall people, buying and eating great food. There was a stage at one end of the venue that looked out to all the vendors and the surrounding mass of people. So, I set up my stuff and played and it was a little weird. No one was there to see me specifically or to even hear music so I figured my role was to provide a little entertainment. Was it the best performance of my life? Hell no. 
     My tuner wouldn't work, which was ok until my guitar went out of tune. Tuning just isn't really my thing, which is why I bought a damn tuner. It could have been something with the building's electricity. All I know is that it threw me off. That and I was worried I was blowing out the eardrums of all the vendor's near me. Of course, I asked them if it was too loud but were they telling me the truth when they said no? Was I killing their business? This is how anxiety-ridden people operate. Luckily, I came armed with a variety of cover songs. Which song finally won everyone over and made me feel like the night was totally worth it? "When You Were Mine" by a certain Prince Rogers Nelson but popularized by Cyndi Lauper. I have more show to review but as always, time is a factor so I leave you with this.

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