Tiny Little Stonehenge

Over the weekend, I rode my bike out to Heron's Head Park, in the Bayview district. I'd been meaning to go check it out for a long time but just haven't had the time. But this past weekend was uncharacteristically warm, especially for January so I made sure to get out there.

Heron's Head Park is a restored marsh surrounded by industrial blight. Of course, that was something I learned only after getting out there. I don't know why I had pictured it to be more of an oasis than it was and maybe I didn't venture far enough out in the marsh itself to get that feeling of being surrounded by natural beauty. As it stands, I was surrounded by a dump, a ship-yard and a PG&E plant.

I've been drawn to this neighborhood many times before. My furniture class was around the corner and I've been up on that notorious hill for work. It's made guest appearances in my dreams. Who knows why certain places call out to you and get trapped in your subconscious?

Off to the right is the most notoriously violent housing project in San Francisco. They also have amazing views and it's only a matter of time before they're ripped down and turned into condos. I'm just editorializing here but truly, I'm amazed they've been standing for as long as they have.

 I believe the little outlet with the trees is India Basin. Clearly, it's a little more polished and I'd like to get a better look at it. Next time.

Honestly, I like the look of nature surrounded by industry. Something about the juxtaposition, the ugly and the beautiful, holds meaning. It makes the ugly beautiful. No small feat.

You can barely make out the small dots on the water but those are all birds. The biggest attraction of the park, besides the eco-center (which was closed when I arrived but is a nice little building with a living roof, rain catch system, etc), is the birds. I saw more than one older gentleman with those one-legged camera stands, fitted with telephoto lenses. If you are into bird watching, get out there ASAP.

This miniature Stonehenge was constructed on a bench. I sat next to it and scarfed down a "chocolate thing" from Arizmendi. Heron's Head wasn't exactly what I was expecting but I think I need to give it another go and get all the way in the marsh to really see what it's all about.

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