Fresh Baked Bread

Every new year, I resolve to bake more. This year, I appear to be on it! Check out this wheat bread I baked recently. Looks perfect, right? It kind of is except it was a little dry and I made way more than our humble, two-person household should consume at once. So, next time I think that I'm going to use more white than wheat flour and see if I can fix the dryness factor.

     I'm still thinking about a theme for this year's resolutions. This year is going to be all about expansion and building on the groundwork I've already laid in both my screen printing business and my music.I have an album's worth of songs to release and I'm taking a drawing class in the hopes of taking my design work to the next level. I actually accomplished all of last year's resolutions, which makes me very happy. So this year, I'm thinking this is what needs to get done. I just need to remember that resolutions are like the bread in that they're probably not going to be right the first time.
  1. Bring creativity back. I've been working so hard to lay the groundwork for The Heated and it's good work but I've had to put more of the creative work on hold to do it. It's time to get back to the creative stuff now and I'm really excited about that.
  2. Read more books. I don't have cable but that doesn't stop me from getting in some television time before bed every night. I'd like to change a lot of those television nights to reading nights. So far, I've read Just Kids (it was great!) and am working on A Guide To The Good Life.
  3. Release an album. Release videos around the album.
  4. Put things off until I have to do them. This may sound counter-intuitive but I've found that a lot of my stress comes from not getting things on my to-do list done because I've tried to schedule a bit of extra time in there. So I'm going to open up my interpretation of my to-do list in that if something is listed at to-do on a Monday, it doesn't really need to get done until it really needs to get done and I'm not going to worry about things until then. Make sense? 
  5. Oh, and I almost forgot, bake more.

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