Biking Casualty

I've had my first bicycling casualty. I was riding up 15th street as it started to rain. It wasn't raining too hard but there was enough water that it was getting all over my glasses. So, I plucked them off my face and put them in my breast pocket. As I was clearing the crosswalk at 15th and Valencia, they flew out of my pocket and into the street. So, I pulled over and went back for them but it was too late. A car tire had gotten there first. Dang it.
     I don't wear my glasses too often unless I'm driving, riding my bike or going someplace where I want to see what's happening far away from me, like a concert, a ball game or a bar where the menu is posted up on the wall in tiny font. This is the first pair of glasses I've had so I'm sad to see them go. Please allow this blurry picture to demonstrate the damage. On the plus side, now I get to pick out some cute new ones and I've learned a lesson about putting things in my inside pocket while riding my bike.

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