Good Gay Citizen

Living in San Francisco spoils us gay people. Sometimes we forget about how a lot of people feel about us, with the fear and hatred and all. I went down to City Hall Monday to get in on the marriage action... not to actually get married but to see other married gay people. We'll see what happens in November. These could all be empty promises.

Here's what went down: First off, it was cold and foggy with a bitter wind on Monday. I wore a hat and gloves. We got down to City Hall around 6:00 and it seemed as though most of the action had already taken place.

Our City Hall is pretty, yes? I tried to get the American flag in there. A little symbolism for you.

The freshly married people came out the front here and every time they did, the gay band would play. How can you hate our people? We brought a band! I'm honestly not sure if the sign about "Homo Sex" being a threat to national security is real or ironic. I will say that one gentleman was wearing a leather jacket that advertised how gay people would burn in hell and he had the most bad-ass flames illustrating his point. I tried, I tried, I tried to get a picture. This gentleman has a website called truthtrucks.com although as far as I could tell from the pictures on the site it's more like "Truth Truck", singular. We were calling it "The Hate Truck" or "The Crappy Toyota?". I mean, if you love America so much, buy American.

I also can't help but notice this truck features a very large picture of two men kissing. Sure, it has a slash through it but still. Also, that whole "not Adam and Steve" thing always makes me giggle. Everyone knows that it would really be "Steven" too. All Stevens are gay.

But really, is this what this guy does with his life? Does he call his friends over to say, "Aw man, wait 'till you see the Truth Truck. I've got this giant picture of two dudes kissing. Then it's got a slash through it. Man, when the American people see this, it will really make them think."?
On the walk back home, we walked by Citizen Cake and saw the first-San Francisco-married lesbian couple inside and everyone was raising their glasses in a toast and well, tears did come to my eyes. Sometimes it freaks me out that the country I live in considers me a second-class citizen not worthy of the tax breaks that straight people get. San Francisco Pride is right around the corner. It's going to be a good one this year.

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lea said...

tax breaks, empty promises.. you're such a romantic cristina. ;)