I made this

That there is my amp. Most amp covers are held on with velcro. I discovered that the day that Rueben dropped my amp on its face and it came up without a cover (but otherwise undamaged). It gave me ideas, as some accidents do.
Blondie's is a few blocks from my house. Far enough to consider calling a cab but close enough to feel guilty about it so most times I roll this sucker there. I've tried riding it down 16th street but it doesn't work too well. If you see me rolling by...

Then I also wanted to show you the printer stand that I made in furniture class. The class is actually out for the summer but I've been finishing this project up for a few weeks now. It's a printer stand. The printer goes in there and when you need to put paper in the back, just lift that lid right up. I'm kind of a genius.
The paint I used is called Milk Paint and it's non-toxic to the point where some say you could drink it. Who the first moron was to tip that cup back? I don't know. Working with the paint took a little getting used to but the clean-up was a snap and the finish is pretty cool. It's chalky. Two coats.

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