Fresh for the internetz

Hey folks. I've been recording demos so that myspace can have some fresh material. I decided to record vocals and guitar at the same time, mostly so that I don't have to use a metronome. That's how I use laziness for innovation. But wait, I took it one step further and decided to also record a video at the same time so I wouldn't have to do that later and the sound would match up perfectly. My laziness is your reward. Please check out the new (and by new I mean to say that I wrote it years ago and am just introducing it now) song, For The Greater Good.

(I'm such a Mac commercial, aren't I? Recording songs to Garage Band, downloading video, splicing it together in iMovie, uploading it to YouTube. )

Also, if you are newer to The Heated, you may not be aware of my video for The Current Or The Undertow? You can find this song on my self-released e.p. The owl stays on my desk. I like keeping him around and asking him questions like, "Owlie, do you think I'm so, so pretty?" and he nods and nods.

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