Election night plus show review: Adobe Book

The show at Adobe Books was the lowest key show I have ever played. It felt like playing in my living room except with more books. Olen played like a champ and to those of you willing to play percussion, I salute you even if the only time you played was in lieu of clapping. Notable exception to my wife, who, by virtue of living with me, knows the songs more than most, even if she doesn't listen to the words. It's never a bad idea to play guitar for the ladies.

So the best part about the show being acoustic was that afterward, all I had with me was a guitar in a case. The election must have been called right at we were exiting the bookstore around 8:00 pm. A dive bar next door was standing-room-only packed with all televisions blaring and all patrons cheering loudly. My wife, my pal Regina and I went to a restaurant across the street (fancy pub with a beer list about ten times longer than the menu, if you must know).

We tucked into the back booth, guitar case easily fitting underneath and right before we ordered, McCain came on the television, perched in the pub's front corner, to give his concession speech. Yes, it was gracious even if the crowd was not. I don't like angry crowds, which I know, is a really strange thing to have an aversion to. The pub was cheering wildly as the speech began and even continued to agree with some of McCain's points, politely clapping because we can be gracious winners too.

Now, I have my deeply cynical moments but I was solidly on board during Obama's speech and resolved to do more in the community (yeah, we'll see how that goes. Don't count me out yet). I totally teared up and had an overwhelming urge to call eveyone I knew (which I ignored). There was such electricity in the air combined with relief. Like we had all just had one little orgasm together.

This was all before I found out about Prop. 8, and equally un-American measures passing in other states. I have more to say about this but not just yet.

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