Ok, we can talk about it now

I'm upset about Prop. 8 passing and at the amount of time and money spent by people to ensure it did pass. I'm upset that voting statistics are being used as a wedge between gays and minorities. I spent a few days looking around distrustfully until I realized this is an opportunity to see which communities we are not reaching, rather than as an excuse for further division. Plus, it's those religious types we really need to hate. I kid. I kid.

I marched in the protest, slowly making my way up Market Street to the Castro, stopping cars in their path. Even though I'm uncomfortable with group chanting, I managed to join in on a few. Not those "hey, hey, ho, ho," chants though. That's just too much. But this vote has hurt me. It's hurt a lot of people and I'd hate to see that hurt turn to anger. The whole thing has me thinking that I need to be more involved in the gay community, especially the gay rights movement. My disappointment is gone and my anger has turned into a kind of resolution to try harder, to do more than talk. We are clearly being misunderstood and rather than continue on as we have with our demanding, perhaps we need to focus on common ground and take it from there. Agreed? My people? Can I get a "yes we can"?


leapers said...

i was watching this thing last night about the era and the phyllis schlafly people and thinking about all the similarities. i know what you mean about wanting to do something.

are you transitioning into a new career? i mean with the computer classes.

the word i'm being asked to verify to post this comment is "ammigods" just fyi.

Anonymous said...

When leaders can't be trusted
When heroes let us down
And innocence lies rusted
Frozen beneath the ground
And the destitute and isolated have all been forgotten
And the fruit trees we planted are withered and rotten
The abused and magnificent suffer from infection
And the promises were given but never with intention
War becomes commonplace, secrets overheard
And violence big business and love is just a word
Why? Why do we marry? Why do we fall in love? Keep on believing in love?
Because love, love is a mighty sword
Love is our weapon
Love is a lesson
And we, we are the conquerors
We are the soldiers
We are the lovers
That's why we fall in love
That’s why we believe in love
And that's why we marry