Last FM

I put The Pre-Teens albums up on Last.FM yesterday cuz why not? For those of you who are not aware, I used to play bass and write songs with them and sing... and over-sing (damn it, I did, ok?). I don't think my old band mates would mind and we have more plays than The Heated, I'll tell you that. I tried to lure listeners over promising them that The Heated is very similar to The Pre-Teens but Last.FM never does what I want it to do and so, there is no cross-promotion. I'm not ashamed to cross promote and we had good songs. Some are not but overall, we were pretty solid.

(I just went on a twenty minute journey into LastFm when I had only intended to pop over quickly and grab the hyper-link to The Pre-Teens and then found that we are also known as simply Pre-Teens. That's even more people that need to hear that I exist.)

I just realized that Last.FM never actually uploaded the tracks I spent an hour putting up yesterday. Please someone tell me what it wrong with them? Why are they so evil?
11/25/08 Update: ok, now most of the songs are up. I guess they just had to process and I'm impatient.

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