I'll just pick one

How about a tangerine? Ok then, contest decided. Thanks to all my voters. I like you for participating.

Soon, I wish to talk about my New Year's resolutions but not until after Christmas. I'm taking four days off. I am almost there.


lad said...

oh i just looked at your blog and i guess i missed your quiz.. i don't see any choices? but how about a tree(s)? or.. a cupcake and a butternut squash? heehee.

The Heated said...

Well, a tree was one of the choices but even with your vote, it still would have lost. I can't be scandalizing the people with cupcakes and butternut squash. This here is a family affair. I mean, for fuck's sake.

Rachael said...

I'm pretty sure I voted for tangerine. YES. O'DOYLE RULES.