What's coming down the line in 2009?

Last year I didn't choose a theme and I know that disappointed some of you. The truth is, I really needed less focus and by spreading my interests out last year, I got a lot done. I can't tell you how happy I am that The Heated's tea towels are taking off. In my estimation, about 50 people received one for Christmas or Hanukah. Do they do gifts for Kwanza? Anyway, I learned how to screenprint in spite of feeling like I had no time to learn how. 

In fact, I also took a woodworking class and a computer class, all while feeling I had no time to do so. Turns out, I had time for both. I loved both of them too and it's led me to believe that there are a lot of things I tell myself I don't have time to do (though I have other excuses I use too) but that I have been lying to myself. So this year, I am going to pursue the things I want to without bullshitting myself into thinking I can't. Here's what's on my list:

  1. See more nature. I want to go on hikes and see pretty things. I don't always want to leave town but luckily, I am surrounded by ocean. That counts as nature. I went to college in the middle of a forest and found myself so homesick for it the other day, I could barely breathe. Must remember to see trees.
  2. Work out again. Believe it or not, I've developed the cutest little gut this year. I call it my rind. It's precious but it can't stay. Plus, my physical therapist said I need to work my shoulders out again. Back to push-ups and pilates. Also, I enjoy going on walks. That counts as exercise. Having that injury really slowed me down this year, which hadn't happened to me before. It's been weird and I miss working out. 
  3. Calm the hell down. I have anxiety issues, that's no secret. I will continue my quest for peace of mind through embarassing self-help books that I buy off Amazon because my anxiety prevents me from buying them in stores. This is my resolution every year. I gain ground slowly. 
  4. Get a creative community together. Call it The Heated. I found out the other night that a friend of mine plays the violin and has never mentioned it! My sister-in-law plays the guitar and banjo. I have another friend who I think I could talk into playing some more guitar and possibly bass on some recordings. It was never my intention to do this alone and while my brief foray into band-dom earlier this year ended in heartbreak, I'm going to get back up on that horse. I've got this ambitious vision of what I want The Heated to become and this year, I will pursue it more than ever before. 

That being said, I want you to understand that I think people go about their New Year's resolutions all wrong. People write lists and then start on January 1st. By January 21st, they've already overwhelmed themselves and quit. Here is the key to New Year's resolutions, the idea that you must hold central in order to prevail: you have all year! Don't take everything on at once but take everything on. In fact, that's what I'm going to theme this year: Take Everything On. 

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lea said...

yes! so glad you named your theme. i was in suspense until the last line.