Creative Block

I need to come up with a new tea towel design as suddenly, the merchandise division of The Heated has become profitable! It's no doubt due to the efforts of my merchandise manager (a.k.a. wifey) who takes care of my Etsy shop. Plus, I hear there's this holiday coming up that involves buying gifts for people... oh, and Jesus. Anyway, the towels are selling and I feel I must introduce a fresh design. If you'd care to weigh in on the matter, vote. The quiz is to your right (on my blogger page for those who are reading this elsewhere) and will be up for a week. Granted, by the time you vote, I draw, then burn the screen, then print the towels, Christmas might be over. But the satisfaction of making new things never expires so I say, let the design contest continue. I call it a contest because I'll give you a chance to win a new design once it's done. Stay tuned, suckas.


jim said...

take foculate to get the creative juices flowing.

The Heated said...

Umm. No.