Wild Side West Show Review

It's crazy how my camera running out of batteries brings my blog to a screeching halt. And by "crazy" I mean "stupid". Anyway, I had a show that I told you all about and I wanted to tell you how it went. It went great! The opening band, Tik-Tik Fly, were rad. I already mentioned that their rhythm section is a tap dancer and their songs were lovely too. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of them. Here's what I did get pictures of. Spoiler alert, they're mostly of me.

Me, rocking. You can tell it's for real because I'm a little blurry.

Still rocking. Look at that hand blur! Wow, I play fast like lightning.
Not a bad crowd for a Sunday afternoon.

The P's and Q's! If you get the chance to see them, do it!

The bartender won a tie from this humble abode in the raffle. Pretty suave, eh?

We had fun!

Doesn't it look like she's shooting something out of her finger? Like magic.

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