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I know, I'm posting twice in one day because I feel badly about how I've been neglecting you lately. It's hard when you work and are really popular too. Last night, I was double booked for drinks with a friend and then a trip to the circus. I managed to do both. The show I went to was a fundraiser for Circus Bella and the reason I went it because the founder and trapeeze artist of Circus Bella is my old housemate and current friend, Abby.

Abby and I have known each other for years but somehow, criminally, I had never seen her trapeze act before. I mean, I've long admired her arm muscles but I'd never seen them in action. Trapeze is intense, especially when done about five feet away from you in a club. There was also a slack rope act, some juggling, a giant gay blue bunny and a tight little group of musicians. It was packed in Amnesia. I laughed. I yelled "woo" liberally. I had more fun than I should have and got home way past my bedtime. Yet, I blog on for you.

I didn't ask permission but this photo is from High Flying Abigail's website.

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