My people

I came across this short film the other day and found it really endearing. Plus a lot of it was shot near the area of the park my crew bunkers down in for The Dyke March. So, you know, represent.

I may have mentioned this already but I've discovered that the key to Pride is never having to use the bathroom, which can be difficult when you've had a few cans of Modelo. The reason that peeing at the Dyke March is such a hassle is that since there are no corporate sponsors, there's not enough money for the rows and rows of Portas that say, the Castro or Civic Center event can afford. This equals the longest wait of your life for a chance to hover your ass over a stinky, wet hole, praying that there are a few squares of toilet paper left when you're done. But you know I'm all about taking it back from corporations. The key is bringing your own toilet paper. I passed this tip on to the filmmaker, Shae. Shae posted this advice on her blog and well, that just made me want to put her film up here all the more. Plus it's nice to come across people in your city who are doing cool stuff. Go get 'em.

Also, this whole exchange between Shae and myself reminded me of this ecard I ran across recently. I'm so easily amused.

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