Bribed By Blackberries

We climbed to the top. We watched the sunset.

Do you know Nevada City? It's on the way to Reno. I spend a bit of time there due to some in-law family members and friends residing in this pleasant town. Last time I was there was New Year's Eve at Cooper's bar. There was the most convincing Creedence Clearwater Revival cover band that has ever existed. Hands down the best cover band I've seen in Nevada City (out of the five I've seen). It was freezing cold and no one cared for my fake moustache. Sigh.

This time, I was talked into going by the prospect of going blackberry picking. Now, I'm almost a through and through city girl but I've spent a bit of time on a farm due to the Environmental Studies major and three years of my childhood spent in Ojai on a few acres of avocado trees.

Pickin's were slim this season as it hasn't rained pretty much all year. We finally hit a good patch and Gail and I employed a two-woman system where I would go in deep, braving the brambles and push the branches towards her with my stick. Ingenious. And it's only my second time berry picking. Blackberry crumble was made from the fruits of our labor and it was so good, I had it for breakfast and then for lunch-dessert the next day.

This is off topic but: last night before I fell asleep I was thinking about Pearl Jam's Even Flow video. You know, the one where it's a live performance in a theatre and Mr. Vedder scales the balcony, gets that intensly weird look on his face then drops like a dead man to the waiting arms of the crowd below. Then when I got into my car today to move it for street cleaning, guess which song was on. Is that weird? These things happen to me all the time. A useless intuition, to be sure, but intuition nonetheless.

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