Show review: El Rio last Tuesday

Ah Tuesday night. Not as worthy as Monday for a drink. Not as close to the weekend as you'd hope. Still, I was in good spirits. I was feeling positive. I went out to Spork for dinner before the show. Spork is so named because the spot used to be a KFC. I can kind of remember when it was still a KFC but it's hard to know seeing as how I have not been in KFC for at least a decade. In fact, there is one less than a block away from the apartment I have lived in for eight years that I have never been inside. Yeah, my money still does the talking.

Anyway, I was a little nervous all throughout dinner but not so nervous that I didn't eat every damn bite of delicious food that came my way. Everything I ate at Spork was tasty. Recomended. But it took a little longer than I'd hoped and in the end I had to throw money down and run. I don't like being tardy.

I needn't have worried. There were some minor sound problems going on so I had extra time to pee every ten minutes, as I do when I'm nervous. I swear, I was there half an hour and peed three times. Finally I was up and I must say, it was one of my better shows. It all just kind of came together and that's nice when that happens. It was a bit of a rough night as most everyone I knew either flaked or was attending Dolly Parton. This hurt, coming from Dolly. If I wasn't at El Rio I definitely would have been at Ms. Parton's show. Now that's a performer. Anyway, I brought four fans, three of whom were engaged in an all night gossip session. I'm not judging, I'm just saying. I maybe made some new fans because, well, that's kind of the point of playing now isn't it?

Truth be told, I need an outgoing, loud friend to get some people paying attention to the fact that yes, you can sign up on an email list and become informed for the future. I know it sounds a little pushy but marketing must be done. I'm not standing up there with a guitar in my hands for my health, unless you mean mental health in which case, that's exactly why I'm standing up there... anyway, what I'm saying is that I got business to attend to and I need an associate. Where are my loud friends at? You know who you are. I'll buy you drinks. Be my bitch.

Anyway, after I played there were two more performers, both of whom had such pretty voices. If you see that they're playing again, don't say no. Say yes, yes, yes to Chantelle Tibbs and Jo Boyer. Whoa, ok, you don't have to be that into it. Geez. Whore.

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lea said...

wow dolly parton played there? she never plays here and she's FROM here. i guess maybe her fan base is in san francisco these days. a friend once asked me if dolly was gay because there's so many rainbow souvenirs at dollywood. i think that they are just rainbow rainbows at dollywood though, not gay lesley gore rainbows.

this is going to be a long comment i guess.

it's really hard to get people to come out to shows on weeknights. i think this is like a universal truth. maybe hook up with another band or two so that you have everyone's little crowd combined to form a big crowd.. of like, 20 people or whatever. it's a weeknight!

or else find a group of late nighters that you can turn into your followers. for the shows i set up it's usually all these art school kids who are up anyways and it's no big deal for them to come out on a weeknight. you meet a couple late-nighters and then they bring friends, etc until word spreads and you have an audience at your shows.

i don't think that hearing a pearl jam song you were just thinking about on the radio means you have esp. that happened to me 2 birthdays in a row. december 6,1996 and december 6, 1997. i heard "alive" on both days. in 1996 i liked that song and then in 97 i remembered that i'd also heard it in 96.. it's not exactly the same thing, but i don't think it means anything except that pearl jam gets played alot. i think it's like thinking of "dust in the wind" and then turning on the classic rock station and there it is.

there are some good singer/songwriters from nevada city. do you know alela diane or alas alak alaska? maybe mariee sioux is from there also? maybe you could play some shows together?