Hand's what's for dinner

My dream journal is still kicking. I thought I'd share one I had a few weeks ago.

Here is the dream:
My right hand has been cloned and I am eating it for dinner. It has been served up on a plate and I am amused by it. I smack this fake hand across my thigh. I am wearing jeans. My wife also has her hand on a plate (the left one as she is left handed) but doesn't seem amused or interested. We were not given knives, only forks so the only part I'm able to eat is the palm. Finally, I am provided with a knife but by that point, I'm over the whole thing and am only able to eat the top joint of my pinkie before I become thoroughly un-appetized.

What does that mean?

Also, my guitar has been fixed and The Heated is about to make a big, happy announcement. Soon. Not today. Curious?


Jenny RInzler said...

I know what the big happy announcement is, all you people better stay tuned!

Nadja said...

I am SUPER curious. Please tell me before you tell anyone else because I am extra special!