Show review: El Rio last Saturday

I can do better than telling you how the last show went. I can share video with you (don't crank the sound... it gets louder... sometimes)! Oh, technology. How you enrich my life... except when my shared drive disappears and it takes me three hours to figure out how to get it back in my network. Then, I hate you.

There were a few weird things going on with the mixing board causing the microphones to drop out. The entire mixing board actually died one song into Ayla's set. But her resourceful mind realized that she could plug the microphones into amplifiers and soldier on. Anyway, it threw me off my game a little bit and I had more stumbles than usual. Overall, it went well and there were a ton of people there so hurray for Saturday night.

Camp Out was very sweet. They reminded me a little bit of Electralane but that's most likely due to Maddy's voice. Plus, Jackie had this super-cool, all-white drum set so yeah, I liked them. Ayla Nereo was remarkably good as well. I couldn't wait to clap when songs were over. We did a little cd trade at the end too so I can continue to check her stuff out. Good deal. Except, I'm not sure where it went. Probably lodged in the back of my amp. I know I had it in the car on the way home. I'll find that sucker.

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