So original

I went out and put up flyers in various establishments up and down Valencia Street on Sunday evening. I must admit, I was really happy with the way this flyer came out. The deer and the tree are actually two totally separate images. It just occured to me to make the tree smaller and they'd look like they belonged together. So I went out to put up my awesome flyers and noticed another band had the exact same idea I did. They had a deer and it was the same size as my deer, facing the same way. Man. It was very "collective subconscious". Theirs was hand-drawn but othewise, it was the same damn flyer with different band names on it. If I run across the other flyer again, I'll take a picture.

You should come to this show, by the way. Please notice that I'm moving up to weekend shows. Sure, it's free and starts at 7:00 pm but I'm still happy. Plus both Ayla Nereo and Camp Out have been so nice in their emails that I have positive feelings about how things will go.

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