I don't photograph well. It's not an opinion. It's a fact supported with hard evidence. By studying a myriad of bad photos of myself, I've learned that I should tilt my head back a little. Otherwise, schnoz central. My nose doesn't look that big in real life but with the right lighting, it's schnoz-tastic. Plus, I get these weird neck wrinkles. Also, I shouldn't smile with my mouth open as my chompers are huge. Anyway, here are some of my favorite fuck-ups from the photo shoot along with one I feel came out particularly well. You'll hear more about what this photo shoot was for but the basic premise is that it might be on Etsy in reference to those tea towels.

It's like a four-year-old when you tell them to smile. I look so airbrushed too.

I'm not entirely positive what was going on here but clearly, that owl needs a good talking to. I'm telling him what's what.

Well, this one is kind of awesome. And extremely dorky.

Good lord.

What the hell? You might want to click this one just to see what's happening with my eyes. Classic Cristina.

This one, I like. We all deserve at least one good picture.


Jenny RInzler said...

Look at those eyelashes! I'm so jealous.

Rachael said...

OMG I love it! You look sooooo pretty! And the first one is so cutesy.

ld said...

non+ugly? hahaha. none of them are ugly! i think they're all pretty good but some are funnier than others.

The Heated said...

Thanks friends.