The Bay Bridged also included my show for their Weekend Picks. Sweet. I've been trying to tell all my friends and associates that this is going to be a good one. Now that it's been recommended by not one but two San Francisco music blogs, I feel so validated. 

On that note, I got an email earlier in the week from Radford Bishop, who actually came and stayed at my shitty, one-bedroom apartment in South San Francisco (The Industrial City... we all pay our dues) while he was on tour years ago. This was while I was still in The Pre-Teens and we played a few shows together. Anyway, he managed to track me down through that new bio I put up for The Pre-Teens on last.fm (I knew that was a good idea). I don't mean to toot my own horn, but here's what Radford had to say about my old band:

The PreTeens have actually been a huge influence for me!  You guys were pheonomenal. I play those 2 cd's for everyone I know just about (I still listen to songs from both albums on a weekly basis, if you can believe that) and encourage them to buy the cd's online. 

So toot toot, motherfuckers (too much?). Now, that is a fan. Look, sometimes I need a little ego boost. Ok, all the time. I'm only human. Radford's band is good, yes? I can hear a little Pre-Teens in there. I want to listen to more but my wife has had the stomach flu for the past few days so I've had to sit around and watch her sleep. Priorities!

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