C'mon. You knew I would do this.

Yeah, I held a video back from the El Rio show in case I had nothing else to blog about. I got nothing, people. It's been all work and some fun but not the kind of fun that's bloggable. Predictable, three-Tecates-and-dinner, kind of fun. But mostly, work. As in, work-all-day-then-screenprint-then-class-then-screenprint-then-dinner, kind of work.

What's awesome about this video is that it looks and sounds like there are no people there until the camera turns around at the end. Also, the sound person is setting up the room as I am playing, which looks a little funny, like I just showed up and started playing before they were ready. The chairs were a good idea though.

Thank you, sisters-in-law for the foresight of taking video.

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