We have a winner

The results from the contest are in! Some of you tried to tempt me by mentioning your adorable children or by stroking my ego by telling me how lovely the towels are. Believe me, that sort of stuff usually works like a charm. But this was based purely on the luck of the draw, not on how awesome you make me feel.

Here we go:
  • Third place winner of a lovely (but not quite the finished design) tea towel is Radford. You may not know what a tea towel is but once you get your hands on one... you'll probably leave it folded in a drawer forever. Best of luck with that.
  • In second place we have Lindsay. Bonus points for using the work "bitchen" in your comment. Way to keep it classy.
  • And the first place winner of a Clementine Tea Towel is Angie... but there were two Angies so I'll have to differentiate here and say Angie #1. The one who left this comment, "I came across your etsy shop. Your Heated Cup tea towel drew my interest. Angie". My apologies to Angie #2 for I certainly got your hopes up only to dash them... it was kind of fun for me but maybe sucked a little for you.
So, how do you collect? Send an email to info@theheated.com with your mailing address and the towels shall be sent forth. I will write back to confirm all is happening as it should. Thank you all for participating. It was quite a ride, wasn't it?

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