Contest. Contestants needed.

I finally came up with a brilliant idea on how to enter the contest to win this brilliant new clementine tea towel. Are you ready? Leave a comment and I'll draw the name from a hat. Brilliant! Ok, I didn't even come up with that on my own. Now is when I hang my head in shame.

The Rules:
  1. Leave a comment on this blog. Leave a name. A pseudonym is fine but if it's anonymous... well that just doesn't work for me.
  2. Only do that once, please.
  3. I can't stop you from doing it more than once... that's less a rule and more a reminder that cheating is wrong, even if no one catches you.
  4. You will be able to enter this contest until one week from today, so all comments received by next Tuesday before midnight, February 17th are eligible.
I will post the winner's name next Wednesday night. You'll have to come back (see how I get you?) and check to see if you've won. I'll leave my email in the post so that you can contact me and swear it was you. Lots of trust in this contest, huh?

The Prizes: Your odds of winning are probably already pretty good as my web traffic level is less bustling and more humming. It ain't silent. Just humming. Anyway, your odds are about to get even better because I'm giving away three tea towels. The first prize winner will receive a clementine tea towel printed on organic hemp. This tea towel was hand sewn, bitches. Fancy, schmancy.

Second and third prize are the larger, reversed clementine printed on my standard flour-sack towel. They aren't even messed up. It's just that the print was a little too big and so I went back and re-burned the screen with a smaller sized tangerine... and accidentally turned the image around when I did. You know what that means? Limited edition. Ooooh.

Giving: This picture doesn't have much to do with anything except to show you that I baked a delicious cake for my friends a few weeks back and it tasted good even though it's lopsided. Apparently, I live to give.


Mich said...

What a pretty towel!!
mich from

Blog Artists said...

I would LOVE to have your Tea Towel in my Kitchen...better yet I may frame it for my daughter who is obsessed with the colour Orange...she's 2!
love your blog by the way!

♥ Lindsay ♥ said...

That definitely is a BITCHEN tea towel and I would give it a great home!


Angie said...

I came across your etsy shop. Your Heated Cup tea towel drew my interest. Angie

Angie said...

I visited your shop, I really like the "Heated Cup Dishtowels" in Electric Blue! Very pretty!

I like your sense of humor also! Nice Tea Towels you are having in your giveaway! Please enter me!

Such fun!
Have great day!
Thank you,

raven said...

I love clementines!

Penny Glass Girl said...

Please enter me in your contest! Please, Please....well I have nothing clever to say but I need free stuff and yours (the towel I mean) is nice.

livia said...

holy crap, a contest! i heart clementines AND tea towels. you're so awesome, cristina. i made my friends click on your music videos and they loved them. just so you know, you're getting all KINDS of love from portland. hope you're well.

N + S said...

The towel is adorable!


indianwolves said...

oh, lovely! i'm doing a senior intensive next year and hadn't thought about dishtowels as a medium... this has sparked ideas.

plus! i just moved and lost ALL my dishtowels in the process. if i don't win, i'll definitely buy one!

<3aurelia sorenson

emilyadi said...

Cute towels!

carina said...

If i win your gorgeous-as-all-get-out tea towel, i vow to use it only for hand drying. No butter or chocolate stains on this baby.

Nadja said...

I can always use more towels and that clementine is pretty sweet (even though I think I voted for something else.)

Pseudonym = Noodle

Rachael said...



Babs said...


Eliazabeth M. said...

Cristina, you crack me up!

Abigail said...

I heart my heated dish towel!

Corissa said...

"sometimes you just need a tea towel"
taken from eddie izzard , yes.
but it seemed fitting
sign me up

Erin said...

I could use a good tea towel. These are very cool :)


Christi said...

I'm in...as long as the tea towel doesn't have a "mommy" complex

Radford said...

What's a Tea Towel? And apparently I need one. You are so crafty! And I mean that in the artsy way, not the deviously clever way, although I'm sure you're very clever as well. Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum! (that was for the Clementine)

Burgandy said...

I love your heated cup collection of three awesome! Had to heart your shop.
That's me, Burgandy

Artlife said...

entry comment from Ellen Honich aka Artlife on etsy. note to self: try to remember to come back and see if I won!! Great giveaway! : )

the rikrak studio said...

you're fun! :)
i love that great towel!
and what a fun blog you have!

thanks for the great giveaway!
be well!

lea said...

the tea towels go well with the tea pot on the cover of your album. good idea!

lauraapple said...

My odds of winning your fantastic tea towels are not looking so good, but here's my official attempt at owning anything Cristina! :)

Luckiest Monkey said...

You arent doing too badly with the traffic here. I'm duly impressed with not only your traffic but your cutie tea towels too. Here's to not winning if you dont try! Or, er, increasing your odds of winning when you do try? dude, no one is putting that on an inspirational poster..