Is that hot?

Last week, I dreamt that I was making out with Paris Hilton. I'm not sure why Paris Hilton but I will tell you that in my dream she was taller that I thought she would be and that in real life, I would have been way more scared of syphillis than I was in my dream. I am not a fan of hers. Or at least, that's what I thought.

Anyway, so we were making out in my room from when I was a kid in Los Angeles. Paris kept hearing car doors slamming from the street outside and she was complete paranoid that people were spying on us. I was like, "Baby, nobody can see us. Calm down and take your shirt off." Ok, I didn't literally say that but you know, when you're making out... 

Then, I heard something clatter on the floor of the room. It was a Sharpie pen. I looked out the window and there was a group of like twelve kids, ages nine to fourteen and they were hucking pens through the open windows. They were giggling and having a great time. "Well, ok. They may have seen us," I admitted. Make-out session over. 

A boy with the group outside started yelling at his friends. "You idiots. If you hadn't been so stupid with your throwing things, we could have kept watching them." I mean, this kid was ever soooooo pissed at his friends for ruining this opportunity. He was red-faced pissed and just unable to control the rage. It was hilarious. Usually, my dreams are so ridiculously symbolic that they're barely in need of analysis but this one... what the hell is this dream about?

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