I Have Friends

Some of you may be surprised to find out that I am not the only one of my friends who write and play music. I know, it's crazy. Rueben deGroot and I go way back, like to 2006. Things were simpler back then. The financial crisis was known back then as the "real estate boom". A fresh-faced Daniel Powter sang to us about having a bad day. Oh, and Rueben lived in San Francisco back then, rather than in Kingston (Canada!) as he does now. 

We played music together back then and had general good times. The thing that really sets Rueben apart from most musicians I know is his voice. His beautiful voice. I don't swing that way but if Rueben crooned a song just for me and I'd had a few glasses of wine, I'd consider it. Just saying! Anyway, Rueben came to visit earlier this year and brought me a CD of his most recent album. My CD player is broken and the CD player in my computer makes it sound like an airplane is taking off in my living room so the disc sat around for a few months before I  realized that I can actually rip CDs into my hard drive. Duh. I love a few of these songs so much that I really want other people to hear them too so here they are. I would like to especially recommend Mandolin, Little Red Mixer and Baby Wake Up (which tends to get lodged in my head). Anyway, here's what's what.

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